What Students Are Saying...



Zadok's teaching of the Alexander Technique greatly helped in doing my work and daily activities more comfortably. After learning to rest constructively, I experienced the way I stressed parts of my body unnecessarily, and found how to allow comfort. I am more energized and effective. I recommend this method to patients and clients. Zadok's teaching is insightful, thorough and often fun.

- Bob Tomlinson, Licensed Psychotherapist & Consultant to Business


I have benefited greatly from the lessons with Zadok. His experiential work with the Alexander Technique and his extensive knowledge of anatomy helped me in my daily activities. This is a gentle method with profound results. Zadok approaches it with intense commitment and a good sense of humor

-Monica Biondi, LAc, LMT


As a Massage Therapist, I am a great supporter of the Alexander Technique. Zadok is an excellent teacher, bringing the work alive to his students. At 2nd Westfield Senior Housing, Zadok brings his knowledge and experience to an elder population with patience and understanding.

- Sharon Greenbaum, Recreation Director


After a session with Zadok I felt much more in touch with my body. The sensations and experience stayed with me. Now several months later I still felt the benefit every time I pick up my violin.

- David Rimelis, MFA, violin and guitar jazz player, ensemble director, composer


With the Alexander Technique lessons I notice my violin playing to be more fluid while expressing a better sound quality. I am able to access this experience by a simple recall.

- Jay Kappraff, Ph D, mathematics professor

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